G&G solutions for high extraction performance

We manufacture filter units for high extraction capacities. Ready for international shipping and trucking.

We manufacture filtration units for high extraction capacities

Our filter design blurs the boundaries between countries and continents. Our know-how lies in transport and efficient installation.

This makes the production of large filters much more efficient and easier to carry out, even for clients abroad. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to reduce transport costs because the individual blocks can be transported without the need for dedicated transport space. In addition, this modular design allows for faster and easier assembly, saving time and resources. An important benefit is also the reduction of logistical problems for deliveries abroad. There are no complications with customs clearance or the need to find special means of transport to transport large units over long distances.

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Lego system for our largest filtration units

Installation of our units is done by assembling the individual parts together. The filter unit shown is composed of a total of 18 blocks connected by bolted joints. The installation can be done by a minimum number of workers in a very short time. The installation is carried out by a local installation company with expert supervision by G&G.

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