Textile dust extraction

Textile dust extraction

We sort textile dust, respectively textile fibers, for vegetable fibers, animal fibers and inorganic fibers. Textile dust is created during the production of any fabric. Production processes in textile industry we can divided into two main groups: mechanical operations (spinning, weaving, knitting) and finishing (wet processing, where the main useful properties are added to textiles). Significant emissions of dust particles also occur in industrial laundries, mainly during the drying process. Extraction and separation of textile dust was solved by central exhaust ducts, which are placed in the floor and leading the air to the dust chambers. There was dust separated and the air was released to the outside environment.

For filtration or separation of textile dust we cannot use conventional filter units because textile fibers tend to clump together and form a blanket. In a conventional filtration unit, clumps of textile fibers would fill the space between the filter elements and permanently clog the filter unit. Textile dust is separated by rotary filters with continuous regeneration of the filter drum by the suction system.
Textile dust extraction

Today’s textile dust exhaust systems

We implement textile dust extraction using central exhaust pipe with connection to the extraction covers. Exhaust pipes are smooth pipe sections connected by flanges. A system for connecting pipes with rivets or self-tapping screws mustn’t be used to extract textile dust. Any sharp point protruding into the inner part of the pipe would cause that the pipe become to be clogged. The dust is led to the rotary filter through the central suction line. The rotary filter drum is equipped with a filter fabric around its circumference, on which the textile fibers are separated from the outside. The regeneration of the filter drum is going continuously by means of a dust extraction system. The suction brushes regenerate the surface of the rotating drum every 360° revolution of the drum. The regeneration system of the drum filter consists of a high-pressure fan and a cyclone separator. Exhaust venting of the cyclone separator is led back to the suction of the drum filter.

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