Sawdust extraction during woodworking

Sawdust extraction during woodworking

Sawdust extraction during woodworking is an integral part of production of any wood product. During processing raw wood are sawdust wet and heavy and the method of their extraction and subsequent processing is different from the dry sawdust extraction. We often use small mobile sawdust extractors to single-purpose woodworking machines and also central sawdust extraction systems in wood production halls. Subsequent processing of sawdust has a constantly higher priority.

Storage of sawdust in the silo for the needs of your own boiler room or briquetting of sawdust for their resale. Our company projecting and processing small mobile sawdust extractors, transport fans, filter units for central sawdust extraction, silos for sawdust storage and hydraulic floors for removal of sawdust from concrete sawdust and woodchips.
Sawdust extraction during woodworking

Central sawdust extraction

When designing central sawdust extraction, we always try to understand the function of individual machines and their use during working hours. The required extraction capacities are in most cases determined by the manufacturer of the woodworking machines. We design a central exhaust pipe for a flow rate in the range of 18 to 23 m/s. For machines that are used less during production time, we install shut-off valves and gate valves, so this machine can be disconnected from the central extraction system and save extraction power for other – actively used machine. We manufacture overpressure or vacuum filter units for central extraction. The overpressure filters we used, when central extraction contains several suction branches of different lengths and different pressure needs. In the case of overpressure extraction, all extraction branches have their own transport fan, which is plug in the filter unit. Filter unit is place, where the overpressures of individual fans are balanced and each exhaust branch has a different vacuum, depends on the pressure output of the fan. This is the main difference from a vacuum filter. In the case of a vacuum filter, one large central fan is located on the clean side of the filter and ensures central draft and vacuum in the sawdust extraction system. All exhaust branches have the same vacuum. The vacuum system is suitable for evenly distributed extraction of woodworking machines. The advantage of the vacuum system is higher efficiency of used fan, which mean a lower electricity consumption.

Sawdust extraction during woodworking

Local extractors for sawdust extracting

We produce powerful mobile extractors for the local extraction of woodworking machines. Filter units are in mobile sawdust extractors design, in a massive industrial design. The exhaust transport fan is made of steel and is long-term resistant to the effects of abrasion of exhausted sawdust and shavings. The filtration part is solved with an inlet in the upper part of filtration sac, which ensures ideal conditions for the separation of separated dust. The dust particles and sawdust are by the air flow drifting downwards. Filter units, G&G Wood BAG, are high-performance assistants in carpentry workshops and in single-purpose woodworking machines. We produce mobile sawdust extractors in variants with an exhaust capacity of 1800 m3/h, 3000 m3/h, 5000 m3/h and 7000 m3/h.

G&G filtration

Let's work together

If you are planning implementation of mobile sawdust extraction or central filtration system, we offer you cooperation in the form of consultation, elaboration of project documentation, production of filter units and the actual implementation. We will be glad if you contact us.