Extraction walls for wet and powder coating

Extraction walls for wet and powder coating

Paint extraction walls are an integral part of wet and powder paint shops. They ensure the extraction of paint splashes and released volatile substances from the paint shop or production hall. Extraction walls are equipped with several stages of filtration.

The first stage of filtration consists of breathable lamellas, which capture wet drops of paint and thus ensue their drying. In the second stage of the filtration, we use filter fleece from non-woven filter pulp which traps dust particles of paint. For the third stage of filtration, we use non-woven fabric with activated carbon particles, which has the task of capturing VOC substances. Small extraction walls are equipped with their own integrated exhaust fan with connection flange for outdoor air exhaust. Large paint extraction walls, or their assemblies, are connected by a central pipe and extracted with a central exhaust fan. We produce segmental solutions for painting walls, which we design according to the client's needs.
Extraction walls for wet and powder coating

Air replacement in the paint shop

Due to the fact, that extracted air from extraction wall contains volatile substances from paint solvents, it is necessary to direct the exhaust from the extracting wall to the outside of the hall. This method of extraction causes an unbalanced air balance inside the paint shop area. The exhaust air deficit needs to be replaced by conditioned fresh air from the outside environment. We replace the air in the paint shop with the help of air supply units, equipped with filtration of the intake air and heating of the supplied air. When we are designing the air supply unit, we start from the requirement to maintain the required temperature in the paint shop. A specific solution in the paint shop’s exhaust system is the use of a recuperation unit to recover heat from the exhaust air. We use recuperation units in paint shops in paint shops where a higher working space temperature is required. In this case, reheating the supply air would mean high operating costs, which the use of a recuperation unit reduces.

Extraction walls for wet and powder coating

Regulation of exhaust power of painting walls

It is necessary to have extraction technology with the option of regulation. The regulation of extraction painting walls is solved by controlling the exhaust fan using a frequency converter. The painter controls the suction power manually according to his own needs. If the painter paints large parts at a greater distance from the suction wall, he adds suction power. If he paints small products near the suction wall, he will reduce the suction power to a minimum. When the exhaust wall is connected to the supply air handling unit, the regulation takes place together. When the exhaust power is reduced, the power of the supply unit is reduced in direct proportion so that the air conditions in the paint shop are balanced.

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If you are planning to purchase a painting wall or an exhaust system for the entire paint shop, including a solution for heating the supply air, we offer you cooperation in the design, production, and implementation of the exhaust technology. We will be glad if you contact us.