Extraction of vibrating grinders during cement grinding

Extraction of vibrating grinders during cement grinding

We produce high-pressure filter units for extraction of vibrating grinders during cement grinding. Extraction of vibrating grinders consists of connecting a high-pressure exhaust hose directly to the nozzle of the vibrating grinder. The cement extraction takes place through abrasive sandpaper, which is from the manufacturer equipped with suction holes. In high-pressure extraction of the cement directly from the grinder, the sanded dust is not spread into the grinding booth space, but the dust is exhaust directly into the high-pressure filter unit.

We produce either small systems for extraction of one vibrating putty grinder or central high-pressure systems, which are used for a central extraction of entire grinding booths, where are max 10 grinders exhausted at the same time. The high-pressure extraction is also used in car paint shops for extraction of paint sanding during body repairs. The cement extraction system is equipped with a high-vacuum extraction turbine, which is controlled by a frequency converter depending on the number of used grinders.
Extraction of vibrating grinders during cement grinding

High vacuum extraction of grinders

We produce G&G Vacuum JET filter units. This is high-pressure filter units, which are designed to central exhaust systems of cement grinding. The high-pressure filters are designed for suction capacities of 200 m3/h to 8 000 m3/h at a total vacuum of up to -70 kPa. The filters are designed for dusts without risk of explosion and if filters are equipped with a protective membrane, the units are designed for dusts with risk of explosion according to ATEX. We produce G&G Micro JET filter units equipped with a high-vacuum turbine for the smallest cement extraction systems. Filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of filter medium using countercurrent compressed air. Separated cement dust is accumulated in collection container with a volume of 20 to 200 liters according to the client’s requirements or according to the number of extracted grinders.

Extraction of vibrating grinders during cement grinding

Professional extraction during paint repairs

Extraction of repairs of painted parts takes place in closed cabins with a central distribution of the exhaust pipe. We use high-pressure stainless-steel pipes connected by clips. A pneumatic opening and closing flap is installed at the individual ends of the extraction pipe. The flap is controlled by taking compressed air from a vibrating grinder. As soon as the worker grinds, the shut-off flap opens automatically, and the grinder is thus connected to the suction. By connecting a grinder to the suction, the filtration system automatically increases its suction power. If the worker stops using the grinder, the compressed air intake of the grinder will be interrupted, the shut-off flap will close, and the filter unit will automatically reduce the suction power. We design and supply professional systems for paint shops and putty grinding shops for continuous lines in automotive, production or repairs of wagons and buses.

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If you are dealing with the acquisition or reconstruction of an extraction system in a grinding shop or paint shop, we offer you cooperation in the design, production, and implementation of the exhaust technology. We will be glad if you contact us.