Extraction in the food industry

Extraction in the food industry

High-performance extraction in food operations is very important to ensure a clean working environment. The dust is freely spread into the space of production lines can be a source of impurities and bacteria, which are in food production completely undesirable. Food dust deposits in the corners of the production line can create an explosive environment, which means danger for production workers. Main applications of food operations extraction are sugar dust extraction, flour dust extraction, extraction in the production of spices, and extraction of product packages. The most common application of food operations extraction is the extraction of material weighing points and mixture hoppers.

The food operation extraction is possible to solve centrally using central filtration unit and pipe to individual dedusting sites. Local sources of dust are possible to exhaust using small local filter units. The filtration units differ depending on whether the separated material is used for further use in food production or ends up in waste. The filters units and complete exhaust systems we produce, and we supply in stainless steel design with the possibility of cleaning and disinfection of the exhaust pipe.
Extraction in the food industry

Central extraction of food processing dust

In central extraction of food processing dust one central and one filtration unit is used and it is connected to the individual dedusting points by a system of a central exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is specific in food productions because we have to place emphasis on possibilities of regular cleaning and disinfection. We preferably use stainless steel pipelines with quick-release connections. Food processing dust is highly explosive, predominantly sugar and flour dust. The system of central extraction must be equipped with safety features to release and prevent the transmission of an explosion. Filter units that come into contact with the product, which is further used for the production process are made of certified material for use in the food industry, completely including the filter material and seals.

Extraction in the food industry

Aspiration of grain transport routes

We use local – point filters for the aspiration of grain, sowing and scrap transport routes. Using point filter units, redlers, screw conveyors and elevators are exhausted. This is a filtration system, where the extracted dust is returned to the transport path of the material. These filters don’t have to separate the dust from the transported product, they must only exhaust the traffic road. The point filter maintains a negative pressure in the conveyor and thus air is sucked into the interior space and thus the spread of dust into the production hall space is prevented. We produce the local filters G&G Local JET in horizontal or vertical design, horizontal design for redlers and screw conveyors extraction and vertical design for elevators extraction. The outputs of small local filters are from 900 m3/h up to 7 000 m3/h.

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If you are planning reconstruction of aspiration of transport routes or implementation of food dust extraction, we offer you cooperation in the design, production, and implementation of the exhaust technology. We will be glad if you contact us.