Extraction during cutting aluminum

Extraction during cutting aluminum

During cutting aluminum with saw blades a large amount of aluminum sawdust is produced. The volume of aluminum sawdust for powerful automatic cutting machines is so large, that it is impossible to remove sawdust from machine manually and their removing is solved using exhaust system. The exhaust system ensures constant draft in the extraction pipe so that aluminum sawdust doesn’t settle inside the machine and in the extraction pipe. Filtration system is equipped with a large separation chamber, which performs the function of and intermediate storage of extracted sawdust.

The exhaust system is constructed to be resistant to the effects of the aspirated cooling emulsion. We recommend that the output of filtered air be led outside the production hall, but if the secondary filtration stage is used it is possible to return filtered air back to the space of the hall. The extraction pipe must be smooth, connected by flanges so that sawdust is not caught by the sharp points of rivets or self-tapping screws.
Extraction during cutting aluminum

Aluminum sawdust and their characteristics

During cutting aluminum material is small amount of aluminum dust released and the rest of the volume of aspirated waste consists of large aluminum chips, even if this is an aluminum material, which is highly explosive. So that is the reason, why it is not necessary to solve the exhaust system in the explosive variant. The trapped sawdust mixture doesn’t create an explosive mixture with air. Aluminum sawdust tends to clump together and form arches when touched. The separated waste is bulky with a low specific gravity. To compact the sawdust, it is possible to install a briquetting press under the filter unit, which compresses bulky sawdust into compacted aluminum briquettes.

Extraction during cutting aluminum

Filter unit for extraction of cutting aluminum profiles

The filtration unit is equipped with large pre-separation chamber with a volume of 0,7 to 1,5 m3, depending on the exhaust power and assuming the amount of sawdust extracted. The filtration device is equipped with two filtration stages. First stage, the filtration material is smooth textile filter hoses or filter multicaps. Second stage is hepafilter, which is used to catch the oil particles from exhaust cooling emulsion. First stage of filtration is equipped with regeneration by a vibrating motor. The performance of fan is in start and stop mode. The control of the suction unit is electrically connected to the dividing machine.

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