Dust extraction from metallization of products

Dust extraction from metallization of products

The metallization means applying a layer of molten metal to the surface of the metallized product. Metallization is used as a surface protection of the product or its components, where increased chemical resistance of the base material to corrosion is required. Metallization is used not only for metal surfaces, but also for non-metallic products, as wood, rubber, and leather.

During metallization, the metallization material - zinc or aluminum - is melted in a metallization gun and accelerated against the surface by compressed air. During metallization, only part of the material is captured on the treated surface. The remaining material is spread into the space of the metallization box and it is necessary to extract it very intensively and filter the air. Air with metal particles forms an explosive mixture and the extraction system must be solved in a design for the extraction of explosive dusts. The metal particles that enter the exhaust system are again in a solid state. Dust particles of zinc or aluminum dust are very sticky. We design filtration equipment with a large filtration area, which mean the low filtration speed.
Dust extraction from metallization of products

Filtration system for metallization of products

Extraction during metallization process is designed for high intensity ventilation of the metallization space. The reason is the necessity to ensure the extraction of the explosive dust, to be sure that there is no concentration of the dust inside the box, which allows explosion. We design exhaust and filtration system for metallization with thick-walled exhaust pipe SKIII, equipped with security flap to prevent the spread of the pressure wave into the metallization space. We recommend applying an antistatic textile filter unit with pressure-resistant housing to the level of +40 kPa. Filter unit is equipped with relief membranes which, in the event of an explosion, rupture and release the overpressure into a safe space. We always supply the filter equipped with and automatic regeneration of the filtration medium by compressed air, so that the filtration equipment is able to work continuously. We design, manufacture, and supply the entire air extraction and filtration system according to the client’s requirements, the size of the shoe workplace or the requirements of the metallization cabin manufacturer.

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