Blasting booths and blasters extraction

Blasting booths and blasters extraction

We focus on dust extraction in blasting booths and blasters. Dust extraction is an important part of this surface treatment during blasting or sandblasting. Blasting is technological process of surface treatment of various, usually hard, materials by jet pressurized abrasive particles. The most used abrasives are for hard materials steel shot and steel granulate S, silica sand, corundum, ballot paper, steel grit, white cast iron. slag crumb or ceramic microspheres.

The reason for blasting the material is to remove impurities from the surface of the blasted product so that the product is ready for subsequent painting. During blasting, rust particles, older paints and other impurities are released into the blasting area. These dust particles are extracted and by filter system separated. During blasting aluminum products, it is possible to exhaust aluminum dust, which can form an explosive mixture with air and that’s why is filtration system  is equipped for the extraction of explosive dusts.
Blasting booths and blasters extraction

Extraction of suspended and drum blasters

The filtration system for extraction of drum blasters or suspended blasters is equipped with a pre-separation cyclone for separation and reuse of abrasive. The pipeline connecting the blaster, the pre-separation chamber and the filter unit is in a thick-walled design SKIII, because the dust extraction from the blasters contains a large amount of abrasive dust particles which penetrate the extraction pipes and elbows. We always equip the filter unit with a pre-separation chamber, which separates coarse abrasive particles, so the filter medium is protected, and its service life is extended. We choose the filter medium according to the spatial possibilities of the location of the filter device. For the blasters extraction, we most often use textile filter units, which have a long service life of the filter medium. When we use blasters from time to time, we recommend installing a cartridge filter unit that fulfills the required task and is less expensive, but  we have to change the filter medium more often compared to textile filters.

Blasting booths and blasters extraction

Extraction of blasting chambers

Blasting chambers are used for blasting the surface of large products, as castings or large welds. These chambers are also used for a mechanical paint stripping of large parts, as car frames. The blasting chamber is a closed blasting space where the abrasive particles are methane against the surface by power of compressed air. The blasting chamber worker is dressed in a special suit and equipped with a breathing mask. Dust particles and impurities during blasting are released directly into the space of the blasting box. For this reason, we equip blasting booths with an efficient and high-performance exhaust system and air filtration. Exhaust capacities for blasting booths ensure a large air exchange with a frequency of about 150 times per hour. During designing the extraction of the blasting cabin, we place the suction slits in the lower part of the chamber and return the filtered air in the upper part of the chamber. We design the flow inside the blasting booth from top to bottom, which results in highly efficient air purification inside the blasting chamber.

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