Aluminum dust extraction

Aluminum dust extraction

The aluminum dust generated during grinding or polishing of aluminum profiles created together with air a highly explosive mixture. The aluminum dust is dangerous not only in the air, but also in the deposits of this dust in the machine space or in the grinding machine.

Aluminum dust extraction has fixed rules in extraction systems. The rules are determined by European ATEX directives. These directives are legislation on the design, sale and operation of equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. During aluminum dust extraction it is necessary to observe the minimum recommended speed in the exhaust pipe, to prevent the creation of deposits in the exhaust pipe. The filtration system must be equipped with safety elements for explosion release. Suction pipe must be equipped with protection against the transmission of the pressure wave to the extraction sources. Whole set must be pressure resistant, so a possible explosion in the filter unit didn’t damage the individual parts, and so that no employees around the filter be hurt.
Aluminum dust extraction

Power regulation during aluminum dust extraction

We design and manufacture the size of filters as required exhaust power for a specific machine. We always try to understand the concurrence of individually machine, when more than one device is connected to the extraction system. Due to the minimum speed set by the ATEX directive, the exhaust power cannot be regulated by the number of actively used machines using a central exhaust pipe. This would mean deceleration in exhaust pipe and it will make the system unsatisfactory. If it’s necessary to solve the concurrence of exhaust workplaces we have to choose a system of separate pipelines between the individual workplaces and the filter unit to achieve the required speed.

Aluminum dust extraction

Our aluminum dust extraction units

Our aluminum dust filtration units are equipped with flat filter hoses made of antistatic material. The pressure resistance of the filter housing is verified at 40 kPa. Filtration units for the aluminum dust extraction are equipped with ruptured relief membranes with a release pressure of 10 kPa. When installing filter units filtering explosive dust inside the work hall, the rupture membranes are supplemented by flame extinguishing baskets. When it comes to the installation of the filters, which filtering explosive dust inside the work hall, the rupture membranes are complemented by flame extinguishing baskets. Filters are equipped with automatic regeneration of filter medium using compressed air, which are controlled by filter pressure loss. We design the dumping and collection of waste according to the client’s request and according to the expected amount of separated dust.

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If you have to solve system for aluminum dust extraction or other explosive material, we offer you cooperation in the design, production and implementation of the exhaust technology. Implementation are made up of our products and we are fully responsible for their functionality and safety. We will be glad if you contact us.