We design, project, manufacture and implement industrial dust extraction systems. Application of our exhausting products in various industries.

Welding smoke extraction

Solution of the welding smoke extraction

Our filter units are suitable for extracting smoke, dust, fumes and aerosols generated during metal welding. The extraction of the welding process is very important to ensure a clean working environment inside the work hall.
Recycling operations extraction

Solution of the recycling operations extraction

Material recycling is a waste management process that leads to its reuse. In the recycling process, the input material is always technologically divided into unusable waste and output raw material, which is used for subsequent cyclic processing. A large amount of dust accompanies practically the entire recycling process, from the receipt of material to the packaging output product.
Textile dust extraction

Solution of the textile dust extraction

We sort textile dust, respectively textile fibers, for vegetable fibers, animal fibers and inorganic fibers. Textile dust is created during the production of any fabric. Production processes in textile industry we can divided into two main groups: mechanical operations (spinning, weaving, knitting) and finishing (wet processing, where the main useful properties are added to textiles).
Laser and plasma extraction

Solution of the laser and plasma extraction

We ensure extraction and filtration of harmful substances by extracting fumes during machining of the material by laser or plasma in the form of fumes and exhaust gases, that are released during the cutting of the material. Exhaust system is connected to extracting table and ensures extraction of exhaust gases from below. During laser and plasma extracting, dust particles, particles of divided material and sparks are also part of the extracted fumes.
Extraction during cutting aluminum

Solution of the extraction during cutting aluminum

During cutting aluminum with saw blades a large amount of aluminum sawdust is produced. The volume of aluminum sawdust for powerful automatic cutting machines is so large, that it is impossible to remove sawdust from machine manually and their removing is solved using exhaust system. The exhaust system ensures constant draft in the extraction pipe so that aluminum sawdust doesn’t settle inside the machine and in the extraction pipe.
Aluminum dust extraction

Solution of the aluminum dust extraction

The aluminum dust generated during grinding or polishing of aluminum profiles created together with air a highly explosive mixture. The aluminum dust is dangerous not only in the air, but also in the deposits of this dust in the machine space or in the grinding machine.
Blasting booths and blasters extraction

Solution of the blasting booths and blasters extraction

We focus on dust extraction in blasting booths and blasters. Dust extraction is an important part of this surface treatment during blasting or sandblasting. Blasting is technological process of surface treatment of various, usually hard, materials by jet pressurized abrasive particles. The most used abrasives are for hard materials steel shot and steel granulate S, silica sand, corundum, ballot paper, steel grit, white cast iron. slag crumb or ceramic microspheres.
Sawdust extraction during woodworking

Solution of the sawdust extraction during woodworking

Sawdust extraction during woodworking is an integral part of production of any wood product. During processing raw wood are sawdust wet and heavy and the method of their extraction and subsequent processing is different from the dry sawdust extraction. We often use small mobile sawdust extractors to single-purpose woodworking machines and also central sawdust extraction systems in wood production halls. Subsequent processing of sawdust has a constantly higher priority.
Dust extraction from metallization of products

Solution of the dust extraction from metallization of products

The metallization means applying a layer of molten metal to the surface of the metallized product. Metallization is used as a surface protection of the product or its components, where increased chemical resistance of the base material to corrosion is required. Metallization is used not only for metal surfaces, but also for non-metallic products, as wood, rubber, and leather.
Extraction of melting furnaces and cupolas

Solution of the extraction of melting furnaces and cupolas

Flue gas extraction from melting furnaces is one of the most important extraction systems in foundries, smelters, and ironworks. During metal melting a large amount of flue gas, which must be extracted with a performance-stable extraction and filtration system, is created. Flue gas extraction from melting furnaces is divided into hot and cold applications according to the temperature of the flue gas extracted. Hot flue gases are created in gas melting furnaces, cupolas, and rotary kilns. The temperature at the outlet of the furnace is around 350 to 500 °C.

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