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We protect the living and working environment

Our technologies help to protect the environment through high filtration efficiency and low residual dust particles after the filter. Thanks to our technologies, we contribute to maintaining a clean working environment inside the production halls.

We understand dust filtration and we enjoy solving it. We bring a modern approach to a specific and demanding field that requires high expertise and many years of experience. We will be glad to help you with the design of the technical solution and recommendation of our products so that together we can handle the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Radek Veselý

G&G filtration s.r.o.

Our company specializes in manufacturing air extraction and filtration systems for industrial applications. We develop and manufacture a wide range of filtration equipment and industrial exhaust components. We are constantly innovating our products to keep pace with increasingly complex production processes and more demanding client requirements. We place great emphasis on the efficiency of our solutions based on the efficiency of filtration systems and the economy of their operation. We specialize in the manufacturing of fabric filter devices using filtering nonwoven and ceramic medium for use in special applications where is a risk of burning or damaging the filter medium due to high temperature. Our range is complemented by silos for the storage of sawdust and biomass, cyclone separators and other components necessary for the implementation of dust removal technology.

What we do

Our values

Tailored solutions just for you

Each application is specific. That is why we treat each project individually with maximum responsibility.

Benefits for the living and working environment

Our technologies help to protect the environment. At the same time, we contribute to maintaining a clean working environment inside the production halls.

Operating costs and technology reliability

We declare the reliability of the delivered technology and the long service life of the filter medium. Not only the purchase price, but also the costs of operation and service are important.

Properly, completely and on time

The only way for successful cooperation is to build strong relationships that are supported by proper performance from both parties.

We suggest

We offer

We sell

Our extraction technology finds its application practically in the whole spectrum of industrial production. From paper production to woodworking, automotive industry to foundries and ironworks. Each application has its own specific solution and brings new experiences and ideas.

The feedback we receive from our business partners in the form of specific requirements or technical comments on the installed products also plays a key role for us. Without close cooperation with our partners, we could not further improve and develop our products. We are convinced that only continuous development and improvement is the only way forward.

G&G Výroba
G&G Filter

We realize

G&G filtration, s.r.o. is a manufacturing company. All realizations are carried out through our business partners. Our long-term goal is to continuously expand the range of our business partners to whom we supply quality products for their own implementation. We innovate our products according to the suggestions of our partners. We develop new products based on market requirements. We are convinced that the best we can offer is high-quality production facilities and know-how. Our partners are implementation companies that provide professional installation and professional service of our equipment.

We develop

Our development and design center is located in Brno. The design department processes all production documentation in 3D. We use Solidworks software, which enables us to determine all necessary parameters such as technology weight, load points or center of gravity of a given device. The design department is also used for the design of atypical filtration devices so that they can be applied in cases of limited space layout. Our designers are working on the development of new products as well as on the application of suggestions from our clients and partners to the finished production documentation.

We manufacture

We complete our products in the production hall in Liptovský Hrádok. Each filter device, regardless of size, consists of several hundred parts. To optimize the manufacturing process, each part is equipped with a QR code indicating the location on the filter device and the assembly drawing. Thanks to a complete overview of the individual components of the filter, we are able to effectively build a particular filtering device. We keep individual components of the filters in stock and therefore we are able to quickly respond to the requirement to assemble any filtering device in a short time.

Our team

Ing. Radek Veselý

CEO & Business Director

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Ing. Miloš Gregor


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Ing. et Ing. Pavel Bulejko, Ph.D.

Sales and Technical manager

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Martin Ovad

Head of design department

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Ing. Ján Beleš

Head of the design department of SK

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Luboš Kopecký

head of the pre-production

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Jaroslav Hlinka

Production Director SK

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Vít Gottwald

3D Designer

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Juraj Jankovich

3D designer

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Marek Jeřábek

3D Designer

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Ing. Filip Šlimar

3D designer

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Tomáš Bugner, DiS.

3D designer

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Bc. Pavel Rejent

3D designer

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Dominik Hudec

3D designer

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Marek Kučera

technician junior

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Nikola Strmisková

Accounting and economics

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Ing. Ludmila Vopálková

administrative support of orders

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Mgr. Tatiana Hlinková

Accounting and economics SK

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Radim Vopava

20 723 365 996

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Our residency

Czech republic

research and design center
Main sales agency for the EU

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664 51 Šlapanice
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Manufacturing plant
G&G filtration, s.r.o.
Hviezdoslavova 901
034 95 Likavka (SK)
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